What is the Lens Hood?

What is the Lens Hood?

Blocking the unwanted reflections from window

Hikastar Lens Hood is an incredibly versatile bit of kit, it blocks the light leaking between the lens and window.
It can block out unwanted glare and reflections when shooting through a window.
A black silicone cone that stretch fit to any lens without any attachments.

Lens Hood

Made of silicone / Soft and light

Hikastar Lens Hood is made of silicone. It may not be one of those things you may need it every day but it’s foldable, easy to carry around and definitely worth a place in your bag.

Stretchable / Super fit to lens

Made of stretchable material. Fit on 50-90mm diameter lenses.

Protect equipment at anytime and in anywhere

Fit backwards to protect your equipment.
Hikastar Lens Hood is made of silicone, it is splash proof and also could protect your camera from rain or spray, snow or mud, sand or gravel.

Shooting on Airplane

Hikastar Lens Hood can remove unwanted glare by day and reflections by night, take a perfect photo in the air with no doubt.

Shooting in Car

Hikastar Lens Hood is free to move around with, you can change your shooting angle and adjust your camera settings without detaching anything. It can attach to a window even you are on the way.

Shooting in Aquarium

You will take a perfect photo without reflections at the zoo or in aquarium with Hikastar Lens Hood.

Shooting at Night

Hikastar Lens Hood can block out unwanted reflections when shooting through a window at night. This is the chance that you might take a amazing cityscape without a helicopter!

Sizes and Information

User Guide

Stretch -> Fit on -> Done!

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